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Lace up flats

August 31, 2015
Beatrice Gutu wearing Zara lace up flats with bell sleeve top and fedora hat

Fashion blogger Beatrice Gutu wearing Zara lace up flats with white bell sleeve top and grey fedora hat
I’m wearing: Zara bell sleeve top/ Zara jeansΒ (or HERE)/ Zara lace-up flatsΒ (or HERE)/ Brixton hat/ Vintage bag/ Daniel Wellington watch

Lace up flats are such a big trend this season and since I saw the Aquazzura ones about a year ago, I’ve been dreaming of them. I kept searching all over the internet for a perfect pair and ended up absolutely unexpectedly buying ones from Zara. Honestly, this place is so strange. I’m not going as often as I used to (I’m more of a fan of online shopping) but when I do, I never leave empty handed.
If you’ve been following me for quite a while, you probably noticed that I’m a creature of a habit. After I find something I was looking for, I wear it over and over again until I kill it! These black lace ups won’t be an exception, cause miraculously they find their way into my every outfit. I will probably wear them 30 times in a row, like I have no other shoes in my wardrobe. So be prepared, you are going to see them quite often here!

What about you, guys? Are you digging this whole lace up flats trend? If you are still in doubt, you can check my “5 pair of shoes you need this fall”, maybe you will find there some other choices?

Zara-white-bell-sleeve-top-Brixton-grey-hat-burgundy-box-leather-bag-outfit-1 Zara-white-bell-sleeve-top-Brixton-grey-hat-burgundy-box-leather-bag-boho-style Zara lace up flats outfit ideas Brixton fedora hat worn with bell sleeve backless top and grey jeans Zara-white-bell-sleeve-top-Brixton-grey-hat-burgundy-box-leather-boho-outfit-fashion-blogger Zara-laceup-flats-white-bell-sleeve-top-Brixton-grey-hat-burgundy-box-leather-bag-3 Zara lace up flats outfit ideas Zara-laceup-flats-white-bell-sleeve-top-Brixton-grey-hat-burgundy-box-leather-bag-fashion-blogger-1 Beatrice Gutu wearing Zara lace up flats with bell sleeve top and fedora hat Zara-white-bell-sleeve-top-Brixton-grey-hat-burgundy-leather-bag Zara-laceup-flats-white-bell-sleeve-top-Brixton-grey-hat-burgundy-box-leather-bag-fashion-blogger-outfit Zara-white-bell-sleeve-top-Brixton-grey-hat-Daniel-Wellington-watch-burgundy-box-leather-bag-fashion-blogger-outfit-details Fall boho outfit featuring Zara black lace up flats and Brixton fedora hat Fashion blogger wearing Zara lace up flats street style Zara-laceup-flats-white-bell-sleeve-top-Brixton-grey-hat-burgundy-box-leather-bag-outfit Zara lace up flats outfit ideas for fall

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