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5 Spring/ Summer Trends You Should Know And Try

April 17, 2017
5 spring summer 2017 trends you should know try and buy shopping tips

5 spring summer 2017 trends you should know try and buy shopping tips
“Florals? For spring? Ground-breaking.” Well, the spring/summer trends of 2017 go well beyond floral prints. It’s all about reinvention of the good old classics andΒ “more-is-more” aesthetic. From exaggerated sleeves,loud logo tees to new takes on sheer and ruffled textures. Quite chaotic and wonderfully diverse, this new season’s trends brought an emphasis on individuality, which by someone like me, that is not too eager to blindly follow the trends, becomes crucial.
Scroll on to see my selection of the ones that I’m keeping on my list of “must buys”Β of spring/summer 2017 and let me know which trend is your favourite! xx

1. Sheer
Just a glimpse at Christian Dior S/S 2017 show with all of its abundance of tulle dresses, should be enough to realise that see-through fabrics are still going pretty strong. My favourite take on this trend is to wear it with something grungier, a pair with beaver boots will look absolutely stunning.

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2. Statement sleeves & ruffles
Perhaps the biggest trend of spring/summer 2017 is adding volume, length and other flourishes to your arms. From already a staple bell sleeves to beautiful flares, summer blouses and dresses come in all the possible variations and I’m oh so loving it.

5 spring summer 2017 trends you should know try and buy shopping tips

3. Logos and Slogans
Unless you’ve living under a rock, you should know by now that wordy tees and jackets are absolutely everywhere. Either I’m more into subtle word stitching on the t-shirts rather than a big logo all over the place, this trend is hard not to mention.

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4. Stripes
What spring/summer trend forecast without our beloved stripes?! This season the print comes in all beautiful forms, but my favourite is definitely head-to-toe. I’m so looking forward sporting it somewhere on the seaside.

5 spring summer 2017 trends yellow mania you should know try and buy shopping tips
5. Mellow Yellow
Yellow is so big this season, that there is an option for absolutely everyone. From mustard to canary, all shades you can only imagine. While you might know that I’m not a big admirer of bright colors, but there is something about yellow that I’m absolutely loving right know. Remember the yellow dress I wear during Paris Fashion Week?!

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