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The Most Cozy Mohair Sweater for Fall

October 31, 2015
H&M trend grey mohair sweater outfit ideas for all grey outfit

H&M trend grey mohair sweater outfit ideas for all grey outfit
I’m wearing: H&M Trend mohair sweater (similar HERE or HERE)/ Forever 21 jeans (also HERE)/ Stan Smith sneakers/ Vintage bag/ Daniel Wellington watch

If there is one thing I ever dreamed of so badly, it is a grey mohair sweater. I was hunting for it the whole last year and to be honest I lost my hope of finding one. And trust me, I tried all possible shops. Yeap, it is that dramatic.

I always believed that having a nice chunky sweater will save you a lot of time while putting together an outfit during cold season. And before I found my perfect version of a chunky knit I was constantly stealing my boyfriend’s sweaters cause it seems it is quite hard to find one of my tastes in woman department. BUT, one happy day (to be more exact almost three weeks ago) I entered the H&M store and there he was, the love of my life. Seriously, I’m not a shopaholic, I always think twice before buying something, but it cost me exactly 5 seconds to realize that it will be the best “splurge” in my entire life. And oh boy, should I even start telling you how cozy and warm and soft it is. Probably not, cause dozens of pictures on my Instagram speak for themselves.

Beatrice Gutu wearing H&M trend grey mohair sweater and burgundy crossbody bag



The softest H&M trend grey mohair blend sweater 2015 and Daniel Wellington watch

H&M trend grey oversized jumper worn with Forever 21 ripped knee jeans and Stan Smith sneakers

H&M trend grey mohair sweater, blogger on iphone street style



H&M grey mohair blend sweater outfit ideas

Grey mohair sweater street style with Stan Smith white and black sneakers

Stan Smith white and black sneakers and Forever 21 ripped knee jeans


Photos by: Eugene Gorceag

Get the look:

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  • This is what I love about fall! We can look stylish with minimum effort! A nice sweater paired with a special bag and you’re good to go!

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

  • This outfit is so cute! Love love love your total grey and how you styled your fresh sneakers with a vintage bag!

  • Ohh this is just perfection!!! I always love your photos SO much, and this outfit is gorgeous – the knit is amazing!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  • Now that is one hell of a beautiful (and I bet soft as well!!) sweater. And bonus points for color. Can’t go wrong with grey. 😀


  • Maria Marques

    How cool can that sweater be? Awesome outfit!
    I know the feeling, dear. And I rarely buy knits and sweaters on the woman section. Idk, but man sweaters are A LOT MORE comfy and cozy (and fashionable, hehe!).

    Love, Marie Roget

  • Love the subtle hint of color with the bag! You look so warm and cozy 🙂



  • viktoria


  • love this monochromatic look!

  • Lauren Lalicon

    Oh man, those glasses! This outfit is everything I want in casual fashion, simple, comfy, and chic. I absolutely love that bag, really brings together the look!

    How To Be More Like Lauren

  • Love this outfit! That sweater looks so cozy


  • Esraa Bassiouny

    Great look. I would totally wear it

  • Laurence

    Love this look!

  • keven

    haha! i steal my man’s sweaters too….you look gorgeous!