April 22, 2014


 ( Marks & Spencer blazer/ Benetton shirt/ Mango trousers(similar here)/ Zara shoes/ Vintage bag and watch/ Hermes vintage scarf)

As much as I wanted spring to arrive, I still can't get used to the constantly rising temperatures. I found it very difficult to switch from my winter wardrobe to a summer one, especially considering that I still can't get enough of layering and some of my current winter acquisitions. One of them is definitely the pinstripe trousers, which sadly, I've worn only a couple of times and I'm definitely not ready to put them aside in some dark corner of my closet until the next season. On this nostalgic note, I assume that this is the last post featuring these amazing trousers, at least until the autumn arrives, but until then it's time to bring to light all my dresses and skirts: bare legs season is here!
I decided to wear this pinstripe trousers in a very classic, simple way but at the same time to add a chic twist with this amazing vintage scarf. I found this look perfect for meetings, school/university and especially for office. Don't you think so?

Wish you all a sunny and beautiful day!


April 17, 2014

Half Masculine

I have to confess, even if it is mid-spring I still can't stop wearing dark colors and substitute them with the bright ones. I can't deny that one of the main reasons is that it is still quite cold outside for this time of the year, what deprives me of the opportunity to wear all kind of preppy skirts and dresses.
I've always been an admirer of masculine style, especially when it comes to women who adopt it. I like to mix masculine and feminine and find the perfect balance between them. We, women have this unique opportunity to be able to wear men's clothes and it will be insane not to take advantage of it. That's how I usually dress on my daily basis. The best detail for such a minimalistic outfit is definitely a good pair of shoes and in this case also a bag. The small details which totally change the whole aesthetics of the look and give a unique twist to the whole ensemble. 

Have a wonderful day, dears!

April 13, 2014

Pastel Spring

Without a shade of doubt this is officially my favorite look of mine in years. Since I've taken these photos I've been dying to show you them and finally there is my glory moment (drum roll please). First of all, let me present you my new vintage treasure, the amazing brown bag that I wouldn't change even for a Herm├Ęs Constance one, which has been my dream bag for years. Some of you may already know that I'm a huge fan of bags and almost all of my bags are vintage. As I've always wanted to be different and to stand out from the crowd, I simply adore the fact that I can be almost totally sure that I would not meet someone with the same bag as mine on the street.
Back to my look, you might notice that I usually never wear pink. But let's face that these season, pastels literally conquered the whole territory and and along with it also my heart. While ''strong pink'' can look very girly, pastel pink is just such a gorgeous and absolutely incredible color that can look so modern and chic depending how you wear it. Don't you agree with me?

Wish you all a beautiful Sunday!

Kisses x

April 9, 2014

School Girl Attire

Starting to feel a little bit nostalgic as my graduation year is almost over and I would no longer be able to call myself a school girl. Ok, let's not get overly dramatic as I am more than ready to step into this whole new student life, however I thought as I am still able to wear some school uniform outfits I should fully enjoy it. Lately, I found it quite difficult to find a skirt which meets all my requirements. I have been looking for a simple skater skirt for quite a while, but as meticulous I am when buying clothes never found the one which I would really like. This one is really beyond my expectations, it has a perfect shape, length and what's even more important I love its rigid fabric. Decided to wear it with a blue poplin shirt and my new brogues which add a twist of masculinity to the whole outfit, but for keeping it pretty I worn them with a pair of simple white socks. 

Enjoy your day!


April 5, 2014

Back to Basics

 No fancy styling, today is all about basics and when I say it I actually mean it. Yesterday I received a question on my Tumblr from one of my dear readers about how to create a soft, simple and elegant outfit. This question inspired me to create this post, so today we are going to talk about basics that every girl should have in her closet. As I know myself I have never been a fashion victim. Even though, every season I follow the trends I rarely actually put them in practice. I always select the ones who match with my style philosophy and which will not fade away after just one season. Basics will not only never fade away but also they can be styled in hundred different ways and will always make you look chic, no matter what are the current season's trends. As for me, I will never say no to: a masculine coat or blazer, a good pair of jeans, a classic white/blue shirt, a pair of black stilettos and in some cases a scarf as I'm a big scarf lover. 

P.s: Feel free to ask me anything you want on my tumblr(you don't have to be registered) and I will make sure to answer each of your questions.

Have a wonderful Saturday!
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