Post date: January 29, 2015

girl with glasses, effortless casual look, camel coat, white jeans, chelsea boots, grey sweater
(Zara coat (similar HERE)/ Zara Man sweater (or HERE)/ Asos jeans/ Vintage bag/ Zara shoes (or HERE)/ Daniel Wellington watch)

I often get asked how to look stylish or what is in trend right now or what should we wear this season. The point is not to look trendy, but to look effortless, that has always been my philosophy. I hate when a woman dress in a way that gives you the impression she can barely breath or move, a woman should always look relaxed and comfortable in whatever she's wearing. I'm not saying you should wear only sweatpants (God, I hate them!) and flats all year round, you can still look effortless wearing 14 cm heels and pencil skirt.

Keep Me Warm

Post date: January 26, 2015

cozy turtleneck sweater, pale pink, classic black coat, streetstyle, chelsea boots

On Saturday I woke up to an unexpectedly white landscape behind my window and as I know it won't last long I immediately drag my boyfriend for a walk. Since I moved to Germany, I kept telling everyone how much I adore the weather here, it is neither too cold nor too hot, which gives me the possibility to wear coats and layer practically all year round. Could I ask for more?

Black Swan

Post date: January 23, 2015

This outfit is the one I kept imagine in my head for months, the only thing that was missing was the black faux fur jacket. I've been dreaming of a fur coat for a couple of years  and now that I finally have one I literally can't stop wearing it. It became one of my key items in my wardrobe..yeah, I'm kinda into black this season.

Back To The Classics

Post date: January 20, 2015

I think there is nothing more classic and timeless than a turtleneck. I remember I used to hate them so much when I was a child, I kept telling my mom that I will never wear such a hideous thing. It is funny how much our preferences change over time, now I am absolutely obsessed with all kind of turtlenecks, every time I see it in a store I simply can't leave empty handed. 

Belt it

Post date: January 17, 2015

belted coat, pointed ankle boots, fedora hat, street style, oversized grey coat
(Mango coat (similar HERE)/ Fashionpills blouse/ Asos jeans (or HERE)/ Zara bag/ Missguided hat (similar HERE)/ Zara shoes (or HERE)/ Vintage watch)

Today is all about my all time favorite grey coat. I own it for more than one month and it still remains to be a staple in my wardrobe. However, this time I decided to wear it a different way. I've become very fond of everything belted, so whenever I don't like how something looks on me I just belt it. I never realized that it makes your proportions look better and can absolutely change your entire look. It really does, so when in doubt just belt it!